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IBM Interactive Experience

IBM Interactive Experiences (iX) is the Design Studio at IBM that works at the intersection of strategy, creativity and technology to help their clients digitally reinvent their businesses. I'm currently working at the Bangalore centre of IBM iX.


Graduation Project - June

Rethinking Design Education for Public Schools in India

The topic is a research based exploratory project focusing on the current state of education in Indian Public schools, finding the gaps in the current system and working on solutions to bridge those gaps with design education in mind. With start-to-end ownership of the project, it's a Design Research heavy ongoing project currently at Data Synthesis & Ideation stage.

I'm working closely with the Chief Design Officer(CDO) & two Design Directors as this topic is one of the areas IBM iX would want to explore more upon. Due to confidential nature of the project, I can't disclose any more information here. However, on meeting in person or on a telephonic call I can talk about it a bit more.