Project Adhirachana

Graduation Project done with National Institute of Design and IBM iX India

Theme : Rethinking Design Education for Public Schools in India

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This project is part of the work done at Interactive Experiences (iX), IBM during the 6-month graduation project internship in 2019 in Bangalore. IBM iX within IBM works at the intersection of strategy, design and technology to digitally reinvent businesses. Due to NDA reasons with National Institute of Design (NID), the project can be available to access only on request. Kindly reach out to know more about the same.


An overview - 


Working with a design & strategy studio is dynamic and while most of the work done at iX is for B2C platforms, the Project has been pursued under the mentorship & initiation of the Chief Design Officer Mr. Sudhindra Venkateshmurthy as an attempt to explore how IBM can participate in making Design Education more accepted in Indian schools. The author also has been mentored on this project by two Design Directors and some more professionals with insights and experience with education field. Design Thinking has been one of the main beliefs & mindsets used at IBM and the Project has incorporated the ‘Observe-Reflect-Make’ methodology by the same.


The type of work done can be termed as an exploratory design research project. Adhirachana means ‘superstructure’ and is symbolic of the very nature of this Project which has incorporated a lot of creative process & exploratory research and analysis to the core of it. The author feels it has a mix of different tools & methods that are explored not only in design research & service design. 


The deliverable expected by IBM was a Curriculum Framework & a syllabus draft, hence Phase 1 of this Project focuses on that. The internship terminated in 1st week January.

The author further wished to carry the Project Adhirachana forward after Phase 1 and termination of her internship. Being an Interaction Designer, she felt it’d be serviceable & promising to also add a Phase 2 to the Project Adhirachana to give an interactive solution concept. The author also intends to start small with the solution idea and implement it in the future as her way of giving back to the education system that she has greatly learned and benefited from.


The Intellectual Property Rights for Chapter Ideate & Create : Phase 2 onwards lie with the Author and National Institute of Design as it was pursued outside her project initiative with IBM. Her colleagues, insights by the guides and mentors have been of great help for the formulation of Phase 2.


The project required a intense analysis & synthesis of insights from all the data gathered and information obtained. It was a good learning experience from being able to translate ‘inferences’ to ‘insights’ which is an art in itself. It further deepened the author's interest in Design Research and Service Design.